Flower essence


Edward Bach, was a pioneering British physician and the father of Flower Essence Therapy. Having earned a permanent place in homeopathic medicine with his innovative bacterial vaccines, he turned his attention to understanding the disharmony of the human body and mind.

Through his great love of nature he created “soul remedies” which influence the causes of an illnesses. Bach was extremely sensitive.  In his journey to find remedies he found he could pick the petals of a single flower, lay it on his tongue and feel the effect of the the plant  on the body and psyche. 

Flower Essence Therapy uses the energetic vibration of flower imprinted in fresh spring water and preserved for use.  We use the flowers of wild flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees.

Flower Essence reestablishes one’s contact with the higher self.  Balancing negative emotional states.

The following are common emotional states helped through Flower Essence Therapy:



Low Self Esteem


Unresolved Guilt

Lack of Confidence

Racing Thoughts


Increase Drive To Succeed


Flower Essence can be used both internally and externally safely. You may ask to have Flower Essence Therapy added to body work sessions at Desert Showers Holistic Health.

“solely and purely corrective; it is neither vindictive nor cruel, but is the means adopted by our own Souls to point out to us our faults to prevent our making greater errors, to hinder us from doing more harm and bring us back

to that path of Truth and Light from which we should never have strayed.”

                                                   ~Dr. Edward Bach

Flower Essence Consultations

$45.00     30 minute consultation

$25.00          30 minute follow up

$10.00 add on to body work session

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